S/4 Hana Conversion


Choosing a conversion to SAP S / 4 Hana protected and secure, allows you to reduce the timeframes compared to the Greenfield approach, which implies a new ERP implementation.

  • YOU CAN MAINTAIN YOUR OWN SOLUTION: If the SAP ECC solution you are currently using already meets the necessary requirements for the business, the conversion will help you avoid interruptions in your operations.
  • YOUR HISTORY IS PROTECTED: the historical data you have will be kept during the conversion.
  • THE IMPACT IS REDUCED: users who are making use of the system will be able to continue working with the processes they already know, thus avoiding losing the focus of the business objectives during the project.
  • GUARANTEE THE AGALITY OF YOUR BUSINESS: you can continue executing new projects in your SAP ECC while the conversion is taking place.
  • MAINTAIN THE APPLICATION ARCHITECTURE: you can switch to the new ERP without modifying the architecture of your application or in the integration scenarios.